John Wooden Quote

I read a quote this week by the legendary NCAA college basketball coach of the team UCLA Bruins, John Wooden. It goes: “Nothing will work unless you do.” 


Here are some of my thoughts-


  • First of all, John Wooden is a legendary Coach. He is respected as one of the best coaches of all time in any sport. He is a winning coach, during a 12 year period, he took the UCLA Bruins to win 10 different National Championships. I’ve especially enjoyed his TED talk (included below) and two of his books: “Pyramid of Success” and “One-On-One.”
  • Coach John Wooden’s experiences make him a great thinker. Both for basketball, but also in life and in coaching. One of the biggest takeaways I learned from reading his books is how disciplined he was.


  • He was an especially hard worker. This is how he coached and instructed his players was to be disciplined, consistent and flat out work hard. I think this is why I like his quote that nothing will work unless you do. For me, this means it’s my responsibility to do work and then I can expect results. Much of what applies to being successful in basketball is also transferable to other areas of life.


What are your thoughts on this?



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