4 Things We Can Learn From Peyton Manning’s Retirement: 

Peyton Manning is easily one of the best quarterbacks in my lifetime. He’s so enjoyable to watch. One of the things I think he does better than anybody on the planet is make decisions on the field. Timing is key in football. He’s got incredible timing and decision making skills.
First off, congrats to a legend in the NFL on a well deserved retirement after an incredible 18 year career. 
I enjoyed watching the retirement coverage and press conference on ESPN. In his speech, he shared four things that I think everyone can learn from Peyton Manning on how to make wise decisions.
One of the reporters asked Peyton the question: “How did you decide that this would be the year you retired?” His answer was four key elements of wise decision making. 
1. TIME: He took a month to make the decision. Peyton won the Super Bowl this year, and he said in the press conference today that he spent a month. I think that wise decisions are made not overnight or as rash decisions, but taking time. 
2. PRAYER: He “had a number of conversations with the good Lord.” I think this is key, the idea of praying and spending time to allow God to speak into our decision making process.
3. FAMILY: He spoke with his family. I think that family is a group of people to let in on conversations and gain insight for making big life decisions. 
4. ADVISE FROM FRIENDS: He invited other players, coaches and mentors’ advise. The wisest man in the world (King Solomon) had a lot to say about asking others for wisdom. Some of Peyton’s coaches and friends have played in the NFL and also walked through retirement as well. 
Peyton was really wise in taking a month to make this decision, praying about retiring as well as talking with his family and close friends. What about you? How do you make big life decisions? 


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