My Prayer for High School Grads

When you graduate high school, it’s one of the most pivotal transitions in your life. You are leaving everything that was once “home” and “comfortable” and beginning a new season of work, military service or further education at college…


If you’re feeling the pressure, stress, worries, anxieties, fear- simply know that somebody is praying for you and has your back. Here are a few of the things I pray for you, or as a parent for your student:

  • Faith- it’s often said that 60% of people who had faith in high school walk away from faith and church involvement during their freshman year of college. I pray that God strengthens your faith. I believe that statistic is soon going to be obsolete. I have seen so many students in the past several years THRIVE in their faith after high school. Many attribute this to: church involvement, getting connected to a campus ministry and finding Godly mentors in their lives. I have also witnessed many young people come to know Jesus and grow in their faith during young adult hood. I pray that your faith would be stronger than ever as you transition to become a young adult. 
  • Friends- I have often heard it said that: “if you show me your friends, I can show you your future” and other true sayings like: “friends are like elevators- they can bring you up or down.” I have found that if you are seeking Christian community, some of the best places to find it are at campus groups and young adult ministries. I pray that God would help you become the friend that people need on your college campus. I pray that God would send people to be friends who can speak life, encouragement and bless you while you are a young adult. 
  • Finances– many people know that one of my passions is to help people steward their money in a way that honors God. I’ve found that in a day and age where debt is easy to get into and difficult to get out of, debtless is the philosophy I hold. Becoming completely debtless or debt free is the ultimate goal, but secondly, using debt less frequently rather than more frequently is the idea. I pray that God provides for you, that he helps you give sacrificially and generously, and that he helps you use debt as little as possible. 
  • Family– during a time of transition, there can be naturally feelings of chaos. Family is one of the groups who can help bring peace and order (or at least familiarity) to this season of life. God has intentionally placed you in the family he chose for you. No matter where you are, a phone call, a face time or a text can mean a lot to people who have given and sacrificed a lot for you. I pray that God helps bring strong adult relationships that can last a lifetime from your family. 
  • Freedom– Smile. As a follower of Christ, I believe that Jesus has set us free. He who the Son sets free is free indeed. I pray that God can help you manage the new found freedoms of time, finances, and bigger responsibilities to grow you and stretch you into the person he has called you to be. I love what Dr. Anderson (President of the University I went to) says: “You have now become the CEO of your own dorm room.” While you are in this freeing young adult season of your life, I pray God gives you the courage to live wisely. 
  • Failure– I believe failure is a measure of success! Failure really isn’t final, but it is inevitable. Especially if you learn from the mistakes that you make. I’ve found that if you learn from your successes (the good) and your failures (the bad) you’ll learn twice as much. How you respond is key- and I hope that God gifts you with resiliency- the ability to bounce back. 

If you need someone to pray with you during this difficult (and exciting) transition into becoming a young adult, just comment below or contact me to let me know how I can partner with you in prayer!




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