Doing Better Than I Deserve

I’ve been a big listener and big fan of The Dave Ramsey Show & Podcast since about 2008. Callers from around the nation and sometimes even the world call into his show to ask for wisdom and advise about finances and their lives. Whenever a caller asks Dave “How are you?” his reply is the same: “I’m doing better than I deserve, how are you?”


I’ve heard Dave say this for several years. This week I had an epiphany about this phrase and I really believe in my life I am doing better than I deserve for a few reasons:

  1. An axiom I attempt to live by is: “expect nothing and appreciate everything.” As an optimist who believes the best is yet to come in my life and I believe the same for others, it may not make sense at first why I would suggest expecting nothing and appreciating everything. I am all about having goals, dreams and a mission/vision for your life in the future. What I’m attempting to do and encourage others to, is not be entitled. We don’t deserve anything. We are not entitled to anything.
  2. My worst days: the thing about being entitled is entitlement says “I deserve success. I deserve to have only the best.” I believe reality is we are all going to have worst days where nothing seems to go right and we are going to have best days where everything seems to go our way. On my worst day, I honestly believe that I am doing better than I deserve! Having this viewpoint and living by the axiom of expecting nothing and appreciating everything helps me realize that I am doing better than I deserve, even on my worst days.
  3. My best days: one of the realizations that I have had is how I am doing isn’t only about my circumstances. I definitely celebrate my best days and I love them more than my worst days- if you’re like me, you are probably the same way. My deal is I’m not only good great on my best days, but every day.
  4. Every day is a gift that I am extremely thankful to God for. I am truly doing #BetterThanIDeserve just like Dave Ramsey says, or as my friend Jerrid Sebesta likes to say “I’m #LivinTheDream”

Are you doing better than you deserve? Do you agree with me? Maybe you disagree, I respect that. Where-ever you are at, I would love to hear from you.


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