Doing Better Than I Deserve

I've been a big listener and big fan of The Dave Ramsey Show & Podcast since about 2008. Callers from around the nation and sometimes even the world call into his show to ask for wisdom and advise about finances and their lives. Whenever a caller asks Dave "How are you?" his reply is the …

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My Prayer for High School Grads

When you graduate high school, it's one of the most pivotal transitions in your life. You are leaving everything that was once "home" and "comfortable" and beginning a new season of work, military service or further education at college... If you're feeling the pressure, stress, worries, anxieties, fear- simply know that somebody is praying for you …

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The Spirit of the Disciplines by: Dallas Willard

I am taking a Graduate Studies course in Spiritual Leadership taught by Dr. Gordon Anderson at North Central University. We are reading books and taking principles in these books to apply into our everyday life. This is a collection of 5 principles that jumped out to me from "The Spirit of the Disciplines" by Dallas …

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