World Series Blog 

One of my favorite months of the year is October. My birthday is in October, playoff baseball for the MLB is in October. Today is actually November 1st and that adds an even deeper excitement when the World Series enters November. Tonight the Cubs play the Indians for Game 6.  Don't let the fear of …

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4 Things We Can Learn From Peyton Manning’s Retirement: 

Peyton Manning is easily one of the best quarterbacks in my lifetime. He's so enjoyable to watch. One of the things I think he does better than anybody on the planet is make decisions on the field. Timing is key in football. He's got incredible timing and decision making skills.    First off, congrats to …

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“Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership”

“Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership” There are a few central themes throughout this book that shine through, such as the importance of personal solitude in the life of a leader, examining the deepest parts of our soul, awareness of God’s involvement and desire to be involved in our soul, solitude, life and leadership. Find …

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